Kingdom of Lashes: Revenue Gains Through Google Ads

Kingdom of Lashes is an Indian brand that offers 100% human and Mink hair lashes designed to help you achieve the look of your choice. Their products are made with utmost care and are 100% animal cruelty-free.

The Challenge

Having amazing products is not always enough for a brand to shine. Kingdom of Lashes is a great example of that. In spite of having a range of quality products, the brand wasn’t able to reach its target audience due to poorly optimized ad campaigns that were incurring more losses than profit. Most of their ad budget was spent on paying for the clicks that didn’t convert.


The Approach

Kingdom of Lashes reached out to AdHelp.io with the above challenges in May 2021 and we did not disappoint. AdHelp.io carefully studied their books to find the cause of low conversion, took over KoL’s Google Ads account and got to work. AdHelp.io’s prime focus was on generating more revenue for Kingdom of Lashes. AdHelp.io targeted the relevant audience and optimized keywords. We introduced some fresh keywords that were more relevant to what the audience was looking for to increase its visibility in Google search results.


KoL Growth - Revenue increase of 79%


Growth With AdHelp.io

In the tenure of 3 quarters, Kingdom of Lashes performed increasingly well, thanks to AdHelp.io who turned around KoL’s Google Ads performance and boosted the revenue by a massive 79% QoQ! KoL initially had a ROAS of 3.39, with our marketing efforts, their ROAS climbed to 4.36 - a spike of 28%. An impressive leap for a company struggling to generate revenue through the ad channel.

Indian eCommerce: A Goldmine for Your Webshop

After intensive research, AdHelp.io has put together a case study on India’s eCommerce landscape. If you’re trying to make your way in the Indian market or even looking for inspiration, this could be a great study for you.


Grab the case study for free - Indian eCommerce: A Goldmine for Your Webshop


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